The pure pleasure of surprising

Do all eggs look the same? Of course we offer you all the services of a traditional PR agency. But that is not enough. With us, you can always expect the unexpected. Because, for us, some eggs are different. We have a lot more to offer, above all a feel for unusual projects and an understanding for different cultures. Imagine that…

  1. top editors arrive at a PR event in Berlin, Hamburg or Munich riding a traditional Madeira sledge;

  2. a handful of millionaires are invited to a picnic of buttered bread;

  3. famous chefs go on a treasure hunt in a long-forgotten mine;

  4. a group of journalists, hungry for sensation, meet at an Animal Conference at the zoo and are presented with gourmet news while feeding the animals.

It goes without saying that all ideas and activities are flanked by a carefully-planned communication mix:

  • PR
  • Marketing communication
  • Event management